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About Us

Phoenix Creations is an end-to-end partner for jewelry retailers in the US, offering the entire spectrum of supply and services to sellers of fine jewelry made with natural and lab grown diamonds.

We are diamond manufacturers and growers of lab-created diamonds, as well as merchandisers of fine jewelry both with natural & lab-grown diamonds. The products we offer are designed and developed by experienced product development teams based on contemporary trends that are appealing to consumers.

In addition, we provide customized marketing support so that everyone in the chain is able to maximize their respective market positioning

Phoenix Creations offers clients the best of multiple worlds:

■ Consistent supply and competitive pricing

■ Skilled product development teams

■ A range of jewelry with different niche workmanship as we have manufacturing presence in India and China

■ A fully operative US customer service operation available 24/7

Why We

Like our product, Phoenix Creations too has evolved and grown with deep roots in the diamond and industry.

Our team, with many years of varied experience in the field has their finger on the pulse of the market.

Today, we are trusted by hundreds of clients across the country for our ability to deliver.

Please write to us for more on bharat@phoenixcreations.us